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Coffee Pot Sets

Coffee pot Set “Deer”

Coffee pot Set “Deer”
Volume: 16..9 Oz - 500 ML

Price: $50

Ibriks, Turkish Coffee Pots, Antique Coffee Makers

When it comes to Turkish delights, grab your cezve or ibrik for your Turkish coffee. A famous proverb says, “Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death, and as sweet as love.” This refers to Turkish coffee. Brewing Turkish coffee goes back to the 16th century, so the ibrik is definitely an antique coffee maker.

If you want a high quality Turkish coffee pot, we offer a large variety of different sizes and styles. Our pots are made of copper and have long solid wood handles to keep you from burning yourself. Our Turkish coffee pots have a nickel finish with beautiful ornamental designs stamped on the outside – such as “Winged Lion,” “Dolphins,” “Phoenix,” and “Egypt”. Sizes range from our smallest 4.1 oz (120 ml) to our largest 23.7 oz (700 ml).

Turkish coffee can be very intense, but pleasant when made properly. You will always want to use a Turkish coffee pot to enhance the full flavor of the coffee experience. Our ibriks are easy to use on top stoves as well as on hot desert sand. When brewing your Turkish coffee using one of our coffee pots, you will get that authentic feel of being in a fine Turkish coffee house. The aromas, the taste and the pleasure that come from an excellent cup of Turkish coffee just can’t be matched.