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      Can I do a local pick up?

Unfortunately we don’t do pick ups.


     Do you ship your products to Canada?

Yes, we do. But we won’t be able to provide you with USPS tracking number.


      Do you ship overseas? If yes, at what price?

Yes, we do. Use Shopping cart to see shipping price for your country.
(No tracking number provided for international shipments)


      How do you measure volume of the coffee pots?

It is OVERALL volume (All the way to the top). Volume was checked by US customs.


      How do I remove the label from skewer?

Peel off label by hand. Place skewer on hot grill for a few min. Wipe off what’s left.


      What is the size of sauna hats?

The adult hats have circumference of 24 Inch. It can be stretched more than 24 inch when wet.  


     Wood handle became loose. What should I do?

After a few years of use, wood handle might get loose.

See this video on how to fix it.