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“Venizelos” Greek style coffee

Weight: 1 LB

Price: $8

Availalble: In Stock

Product Details:

  • Stone ground Greek style  coffee with package of cardamom
  • Vacuum packed
“Venizelos” Greek style coffee SKU UPC Model


Jul 12, 2012 by 4exclusive
Review Source: eBay 

`'•`'•.¨`'•.,¸¸,.GREAT SERVICE.,¸¸,.•'•.,¸¸,.GREAT ITEM.,¸¸,.•'´¨.•'´•'´

5.0 5.0 1 1 `'•`'•.¨`'•.,¸¸,.GREAT SERVICE.,¸¸,.•'•.,¸¸,.GREAT ITEM.,¸¸,.•'´¨.•'´•'´ “Venizelos” Greek style coffee

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